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Originally Posted by chrunch View Post
Err... You forgot to upload them. But Gallade looks great, I can't believe you've made so much progress in a few days. :D
I didn't forget. I'm going to post all the individual sheets once I complete Gen IV.

Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
Dear Chaos Rush, I love your sprite resource. I am currently using them with Wichu's sprite editor. But may I ask, every time you complete 1 or more new sprites, will you upload them into your downloadable package? Just asking out of curiosity?
No, I'm not. But once I finish a Generation, I will upload a package. I'm almost done with Gen IV.

I'm not going to upload individual sheets yet, but in the mean time I'll just show you a montage:

If anyone notices some Pokemon have different palettes, its because I'm making them look more like their official Sugimori art. For instance, Magnezone now blends better with it's pre-evolutions. And Gallade's red thing was changed to maroon just like its Sugimori art, and it fits in with the B/W sprites of Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir far more easier.

The Chaos Emerald ROM Base (it's gonna take awhile)

DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource NOW COMPLETED
Custom Sugimori-style Pokémon Sprite Resource IN PROGRESS

Non-Pokémon hacks I support:
Sonic Classic Heroes
Sonic 3 Complete

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