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Quote originally posted by Sayan:
Halcyon- I think it's safe to assume that Emboar lovers are few and far between. It's nice to have one of them in the club.

Haha, thanks! Emboar is really awesome. I love pigs, they're adorable. :D

I shall answer some of the topics. :)

Which is better, Heatran or Volcarona?
Volcarona. It's a freaking Bug/Fire-type, hello? I can't wrap my brain around this concept, which is what makes it amazing and special. :D

Do you agree that Fire starters are the best?
Yes, I do. Although they could be hard to use at first (because of the gyms usually being disadvantageous to Fire-types at the start), I feel that they're definitely the best in the long run. Fire-type starters usually have another type to accompany with, making them able to wipe out a large range of types.

How would you use your Fire Pokémon to pull a prank on someone?
If I want to play a prank on someone, honestly I wouldn't use a Fire Pokémon lol. The prank which was meant to be harmless, could turn out pretty dangerous, in my opinion. Someone could get burned in all of this! :/

If one of Fire's 3 weaknesses were to be eliminated, which one should it be- Water, Ground or Rock?
Ground. Ground has too many types to play around with. D:

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