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Originally Posted by flubbateios View Post
Hi :3 I'm joining
Name: flubbateios (prefer to be called flubb)
Partner Pokemon: X-Ray the Rayquaza

Who would you prefer to use for competitive battling and/or as a pet or a friend? Explain your reasoning- Mewtwo vs Arceus
Mewtwo forever . Faster, hits harder don't mess with it.

Which Legendary Pokemon wouldn't you want to mess with?
Mewtwo again lol. in the anime... it hurts

Who would you prefer to use, Groudon vs Kyogre?
Probably Groudon, it's design is so cool, I recently thought of a strategy where I choice scarf Groudon and spam dragon tail :3
Welcome to the club! Mewtwo was just plain badass in Pokemon the Movie. He was like...'the ruler of the world.'
Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post

Welcome Flubb!

Hmm... I think we need a new topic, I apologize if we've had this before:

Non-legendaries that you believe should be legendary?

Myself, definintely Zoroark/Zorua, IF Phione is not legendary it should be, and probably Volcarona.
Topic was never brought up before. It's brand new!!

How can you say Zorua/Zoroark but not about Riolu/Lucario either? They both have their own movies, and usually it's about nothing but Legendary Pokemon!!

In all honest, the Non-Legendary Pokemon that I believe should be Legendary Pokemon are these:

These Pokemon are fossilize, meaning are suppose to obsolete right? They should have some sort of history of their prior past. It'd make for an interesting storyline and their stats may not prove or match those of real Legendary Pokemon, but neither does Zoroark and Lucario. Also these guys match those cute Legendary Pokemon and I personally, believe that these guys ought to be real Legendary Pokemon rather than Pseudo(Fake) Legendary. I was even thinking at first when creating this club, that these guys should be included within the club because of their Pseudo Legendary status, and it would be really hard to bring up topics just among the 6 Pokemon families:

AND while we're on the topic, let's also include our opinions if should also be considered as a Legendary Pokemon. Heard many questions about it.