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Thank you for working on this theme. I love its simplicity, obviously taken from The Stand Nexus, and having a B2W2 theme early helps in the long wait. Yeah, I love how every new style here at PC recently makes me want to set them as my default style.

On another note, I've always thought of chrome first from hearing Chromatic, not its implication on colour. That's why I expected something chrome-looking, i.e. gray, and to an extent, monochromatic and colourless. I'm weird like that.

Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
now i'm stuck between this and dawn of champions ;________;
I'm in the same situation. I already set this one to default from Dawn of Champions, but I'm still having trouble deciding if I'll stick to it myself.

Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
Though I'd like to point out (if no one had), the navigation bar is missing a Blogs link and the Chat link can only be seen if highlighted. Just so you know!
Actually noticed the Chat link being invisible but not the missing Blogs link. Thanks.
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