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Here's my SU!

Name: Cornelius Phalve

Age : 25

Gender : male

Job: Pokemon Behavior Studies

Appearance: A sharp face with a quirky smile, with red eyes. His hair is golden, and is kept a messy, disorganized mess.

Personality: Cornelius is very easily excited, as well as a well developed sense of humor, and is known for his pranks he plays on the students and other members of the staff at the Trainer Academy. He is an extremely laid-back teacher, and doesn’t pay much attention to his students, as long as they’re passing his class.

When it comes to the actual subject, then thats when Cornelius gets truly excited. While he teaches, his movements are so erratic, he has been well known to smack unsuspecting people or pokemon in the face with his hands while waving them around.

History: Cornelius grew up in Southern Unova, in Opelucid city. On his 10th birthday, he receive his Heatmor, and was sent to the Pokemon Trainers Academy.While there , he made many new freinds, and caught two more pokemon, Stunfisk, and Joltik. He trained there until he was 15, when h is parents called him back to unova to become the campion. Along the way, he met his other trusty Pokemon, Excavilier, and Ferrothorn. He easily got through all the gyms, as well as the elite four, but was wiped out when he got to the Pokemon Master.

With all his hopes destroyed, Cornelius was stuck wandering the regions, broke and without a job, when he stumbled across a help wanted ad in the Unova paper, an ad for a position in the Trainer Academy. seeing his chane to work at the place that had given himself so much happieness as a child, he immediately leapt at the chance to work their. He took up a job as the Academy’s new pokemon behavior studies professor. He veiws this as his dream job, remembering all his happy times from when he was a trainer at the Academy


Species: Heatmor
Personality: A natural born leader, heatmor can always be counted on
Lvl(Max 50): 50
Moveset: Inferno, Flamethrower, Shadow claw, Focus Blast, Lick, Amnesia

Species: Stunfisk
Personality:Kind of derpy, what stunfisk lacks in brains, he makes up in power
Lvl(Max 50): 45
Moveset: Thunder, Mud bomb, Muddy Water, Bounce, Scald, Stone Edge

Species: Galvantula
Personality: Naturally curious, Galvantula displays interest in everything
Lvl(Max 50): 47
Moveset: Electroweb, Bug bite, Agility, Sucker Punch, Elecro Ball, Energy Ball

Species: Ferrothorn
Personality:Quiet and reclusive, Ferrothorn doesn’t show many emotions.
Lvl(Max 50): 46
Moveset Power whip, Flash Cannon, Solar Beam, Hyper Beam, Poison Jab, Explosion

Personality: Headstrong and impulsive, Escalavier is always rushing into battle
Lvl(Max 50): 48
Moveset Bug Buzz, Iron Head, Energy ball, Giga Impact, Focus Blast, Swagger