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Originally Posted by Ultimo1991 View Post
id say go with Beldum if he'll have a different moveet and maybe give the rival a larvitar? or ralts(with Gallade as last evo)? also another suggestion for tarter could be ralts i havent seen him used in to many but first choice still beldum its getting better and if ya need any help lemme kno if its not to tough i should be able to help even tho ive been quite busy
Yeah im gonna go with Beldum, im gonna change the moveset and evo levels and stats, to more of a starter Pokemon. And I havn't decided on a rival starter yet but good idea i'll have a think about that. And yeah what can you help with? That is if your not busy

Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
On my opinion, it's quite lame, sorry to be rude but, that's just my opinion. If you are able to edit it with simple moves such as Confusion & Metal Claw, it's OK. But if the hero starts with Beldum & only knows "Take Down' which does recoil to itself & doesn't learn a new move until Lv.20, it's gonna be very hard & annoying, having to bring it to a PokeCenter every time.
May I suggest Corphish? It has a Dark-type as a bonus.
Nah thats okay everyone has there opinion and beldum would be a bad starter if I didn't edit him, as i said above i will be editing him. Im also adding new moves so Belbum will have a few new moves. And naa Corphish kinda sucks.. lol he only evolves once and he is more of a common Pokemon.
Pokémon Ice Version

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