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Quote originally posted by Ultimo1991:
id say go with Beldum if he'll have a different moveet and maybe give the rival a larvitar? or ralts(with Gallade as last evo)? also another suggestion for tarter could be ralts i havent seen him used in to many but first choice still beldum its getting better and if ya need any help lemme kno if its not to tough i should be able to help even tho ive been quite busy
Yeah im gonna go with Beldum, im gonna change the moveset and evo levels and stats, to more of a starter Pokemon. And I havn't decided on a rival starter yet but good idea i'll have a think about that. And yeah what can you help with? That is if your not busy

Quote originally posted by MidnightShine:
On my opinion, it's quite lame, sorry to be rude but, that's just my opinion. If you are able to edit it with simple moves such as Confusion & Metal Claw, it's OK. But if the hero starts with Beldum & only knows "Take Down' which does recoil to itself & doesn't learn a new move until Lv.20, it's gonna be very hard & annoying, having to bring it to a PokeCenter every time.
May I suggest Corphish? It has a Dark-type as a bonus.
Nah thats okay everyone has there opinion and beldum would be a bad starter if I didn't edit him, as i said above i will be editing him. Im also adding new moves so Belbum will have a few new moves. And naa Corphish kinda sucks.. lol he only evolves once and he is more of a common Pokemon.
Pokémon Ice Version

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