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★ Which one is the better mono-psychic? Alakazam from gen1, Gardevoir from gen3 or Reuniclus from gen5?
I have to go with Alakazam on this one. He's got crazy Speed at 120, along with 135 Special attack. He's not one you should be ignoring when coming across the metagame. Reuniclus would be 2nd, great Special Attack matching Gardevoir, but much, much more Bulkier. But really, it only depends on how you use these three Pokemon to determine which is the best, they are all good in their own ways.

★ Which event exclusive Psychic pixie is the best? Mew, Celebi, Jirachi or Victini?
Mew by far. He can learn basically anything! Victini's V-Create is the only thing that keeps him good, other than that, I'd say Victini is just tied with Jirachi, since his fire type attacks can own Jirachi & Celebi. Celebi can be good as a Baton Passer, Jirachi can be a good decent wall.

★ Which of the 9 Psychic types in OU (Alakazam, Celebi, Espeon, Jirachi, Metagross, Latias, Latios, Reuniclus, Starmie) are overrated and should be in a lower tier?
If I must choose one of any of those 9 listed, I'd put Alakazam down to a lower tier. Celebi/Jirachi reason for the previous question stated. Espeon's Magic Bounce makes her queen. Metagross is just pure epic, and is mightly powerful. Starmie is just like Gengar, one of the most used Pokemon since Generation 1! Reuniclus has great Special Attack and is very Bulky. Latios is mighty strong and a bit bulky himself, as his sister, Latias, is very, very bulky!

I feel like writing a book here lol so Alakazam would be the one chosen. He would be overshadowed by Latios or Starmie basically.

★ Which Psychic types currently in a tier lower than OU should be in OU?
I'd say Wobbuffet should always be in the OU, more or less UBER.

★ *How would you use your Psychic Pokemon to pull pranks on someone?
They can wield Psychic powers, so therefore, I would have them make the phone randomly ring, WITHOUT using a phone! xD Or make a hallucination and have like, someone that you are a huge fan of knock on your door and you see them, and stuff. Fun, fun!

★ *What's your opinion on physically attacking Psychic types like Gallade? Do they add much needed variety or do they appear unsuitable (as they do not rely on their mental abilities)?
As part of the Ralts family, it would be more suitable to keep its Psychic type. Everytime I go against Psychic, I usually have that urge to get that Dark type ready, because of its resistance to Psychic. Not for Gallade. I use Flying types due to its added Fighting type on Gallade. xD

As being half Fighting type, Gallade adds much need variety*