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Hope you don't mind I edited posts to add the spoiler tag. As far as those go, that's kind of a huge one. :s Please use the tag! (You're lucky I beat it last night and wasn't spoilt!)

As for the question itself, I think there's no argument. xD;
Sephiroth has no chance when MF/YX can turn back time in the middle of a battle. :( As far as fights go, I fought KH2's Sephiroth very easy compared to YX.

Quote originally posted by AshleyKetchum:
Oh my bad Ven's fight. I got to the last battle where you have dark attacks.
The first time I did that fight, I won entirely with Thunder Roll. Every time after that, I found it impossible to do the fight with anything but Dodge Roll since his attacks would hit me all the time. (Thunder Roll, while doing damage, doesn't have the invincibility frames that Dodge Roll has.) I think I just spammed Tornado and lock shots in my LV 1 run. :s