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Last Update dor LG
Defeated Sabrina with Nebula, way too easy!
Trained Spirit until it became Slowbro
went to The Seafom Islands and Killed Articuno.
Crushed Blaine's Pokemon with Spirit.
Went to do that annoying Lostelle stuff on Isles One, Two and Three, then went to Mt. Ember and killed Moltres.
Went back to Kanto, and then to kill Zapdos
Defeated Giovanni's Team with Spirit.
Defeated Scumbag outside the Pokemon League.
Crossed The Victory Road.
Made Chuchu evolve into Raichu.
Taught TMs to my Pokemon.
Struggled with Lorelei until Chuchu defeated her.
Potato Crushe Bruno.
Struggled with Agatha's Gengars, but defeated her at last.
Spirit killed Lance's team with Blizzard.
For some reason Champion Scumbag was easily defeated by Spirit, Chuchu and Potato.
Became the Champion.

Soon I'll post what my team was like, I gotta go!

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