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Quote originally posted by Neon Shades:
Username: Neon Shades
What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: I like them, specially their moves, some of my favorite Pokemon are Dark type
Your partners: Deino
What Types rule: Dark Types!

As for the topic, I don't think so, because I can't even picture why Bugs are resistant to Dark, let alone be strong to; and following the motif of Dark types, I can't see how a bug would cause big damage to a dishonest person/fighter
Welcome to the club Neon Shades!

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
I choose to answer this one instead

I've always found this to be a very interesting point. I have no idea why they've never had a Dark type gym leader, and I really think they're really overdue for one. It's the only type that has never had a gym dedicated (despite having more than one Elite Four member using it), but I see no reason for this. A Dark type gym could easily be made for the start of the game (things like Poochyena, Purrlion, Sableye) or could fit nicely into a later on gym (Pokemon such as Weavile, Spiritomb, Scrafty) so there's no real reason not to have one imo. I certainly hope there will be one in Gen VI! Or even later in Gen V; we don't know the full details for B2W2 yet :3
I thought no one would answer that topic. (guess I'll save the other one for later >.>)

Anyway I think there hasn't been a Dark type gym leader since we haven't had enough Dark-types to build a decent gym leader. Several years ago I made up a Dark-type gym leader and right around the time Gen 3 came out and I could come up with a good time.
Now that we have more Dark types I see us having a Dark type specialist in gen 6 or in B2W2 cause who knows. They might change all the gym leaders or we'll have the same ones plus the two new ones.
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