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Reason for joining: Fox McCloud, Vulpix, Ninetales, Zorua, Zoroark. What do they all have in common? THEY ARE ALL FOXES!!!!! My favorite animals, ever, are Foxes. It would be a foolish thing of me not to join!
Do you want a gender for your Zorua/Zoroark: Of course, genderless Zoroark doesn't exist
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Did you like Zoroark when you first saw him/her?

I noticed Zoroark and saw fox traits within her. Right then I knew she would be the one I would love! Speaking of that, how could I forget! I was asked once what my favorite Pokemon ever, excluding Legendary Pokemon and I had no idea who would it be so I chose Reshiram. I feel bad now that I forgotten all about Zoroark What a trainer am I huh? lol

Since it's been four days and no topic had been answered, let's ask this:

What do you think of Zorua/Zoroark's signature move, NIGHT DAZE, and ILLUSION?

Illusion: When sent out into battle, it takes the name and appearance of the last non-fainted Pokémon within your party. It breaks when an attack does damage on the Pokémon but not from Weather Effects or Entry Hazards.

Night Daze:
  1. Type- Dark.
  2. Category- Special.
  3. Power Points- 10.
  4. Base Power- 85.
  5. Accuracy- 95.
  6. Battle Effect- The user lets loose a pitch-black shock wave at its target.
  7. Secondary Effect- It may also lower the target's accuracy ONE stage.

In my opinion, Illusion is a great ability to trick your opinion dead on in the beginning of battle! The typing remains the same at Dark type while being illusion of a different Pokemon. Perfect way to hold a Fighting type or a Poison type and get attack by a Psychic type!

As for Night Daze, usually signature moves are unique and powerful or very special. The case applies here. It is indeed one of the most powerful Dark type attacks out there, with a very, very small chance of missing. Zorua learns it at level 57 while Zoroark at level 64. As STAB, it's a great attack for Zorua/Zoroark, maybe perfect. When the opposing Pokenon losings accuracy, it increases chances of missing and with poor Defensive stats on Zorua/Zoroark, it may possibly be a perfect attacking move for Zorua/Zoroark