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Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Oh, that's Iris' Emolga from the anime using Attract. :3 Sorry - I forget some people can't see it when they're on their phone haha XD

Guess I'll start another topic: If you could create your own electric mouse, what would it be?
Hard question! I guess it'd have to be adorable, fast, some-what weak and fairly defensive to fit the trends? I'd go with... Certainly a squirrel Pokemon. Its tail would be a lightning bolt (but dissimilar to Pikachu or Zebstrika), it would have a black body with black ears and electric yellow stripes... Its eyes would be bright blue and it would have an incredibly high speed and special defence as its fur acts as insulation. It could channel special attacks through its tail giving it an average special attack stat, then the rest of its stats would be pretty poor. It'd be named Squining and it would be adorable <333