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I've been meaning to be a beta reader for some time. Now's as good as any time, right?

Category: Comprehensive, language, proofreader
Genre: I really like OT fics, and I can do Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, a bit of Sci-Fi if I'm up for it. These are for specific genres.
Preferred method of contact: PM/VM, either one.
Examples of writing: Hopping on Cloud Nine is a story I've worked on, and I'm not sure if I want to continue it at the moment. Either way, it's something. Some Stars is a story I just started.
Examples of reviews/beta-reports: Here's a really long review I somehow mustered up. I think it's safe to say that's what most of my feedback will look like. Here is another review, where I'm rambling on and on, and it's fairly comprehensive. There's a touch of characters, plot, you name it.
Strengths/weaknesses: I would say I'm speedy at reviewing, and I'll probably send you feedback within a week at the most, and that's when I start exams and I have to study. I suppose this is also a weakness, since I can overlook a few things, but I'll try my best. I promise. I'm online every day and that's a bonus. Also, I can help you with plots, characters, or anything else.

However, grammar isn't my forte. I'm decent, but I'm not an English major or anything so I'll probably look over a few things. Overall, it's not too bad. I can catch a few mistakes here and there, but don't expect too much.