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@Mateo this is one of the best hacks I've ever played, up there with the big boys like Pokemon Brown! Well done and thanks for such a great game, it's addictive and a refreshing take on my favourite generation of Pokemon games!

I do have a few questions though:
1 - Is there any way to catch Pikachu besides the trade in Violet city? I've already evolved that one to a Raichu and I need another Pikachu to trade for Mudkip...
2 - Can Glaceon learn ANY TM's besides Ice, normal and hidden Power moves? It seems extremely limited in its movepool - for example, it should be able to learn Shadow Ball and, I think, Psychic, but it doesn't, is it a glitch?
3 - Do you think you could make a fix in the near future so that there is a Final trainer unlocked AFTER you catch Mewtwo, like maybe he is standing there in Mewtwo's place ready to face you, etc? Just an idea, I don't know if there is enough allocated space in your hack for him or something...
4 - You said that the final evolutions obtaioned via trading are in Cerulean Cave... but I can't Find Gengar or kingdra or slowking though, instead finding the already easily-obtainable Arcanine and Crobat, which do not need trading to obtain. I really want a Kingdra too... XD
5 - Mudkip and its line is in the game... do you think you could enter Treeko, Torchic, and maybe even a truant-less Slakoth line too? I would do it myself if I had any hacking knowledge, but I don't, and you could easily replace some useless pokemon like Oddish, Corsola, and Mantine. It's already an incredible hack, but this would make it just perfect XD
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