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Originally Posted by CrazyMrHans View Post
Most importantly though is try and make it fun, and don't focus exclusively on RNG'ing have a TV show or Music running in the background, that way you have something to focus on when you're mindlessly advancing your frame, I say mindlessly because you just work with your left and right hands at the same time, one on the numpad in notepad or whatever and the other on the d-pad, press one, press the other, that way you don't have to think.
I cannot agree with this more, I always have a TV or something on in the background while I RNG. Especially since advancing frames is perhaps the most monotonous task in Pokémon I can think of.

Also congrats AngelZodiac on your Rufflet. Rufflet is actually a great choice for your first because being male only means no egg moves to worry about and being a 5th gen Pokémon means no 4th gen moves to worry about.