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Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
It is very unlikely that they will ever air it because they changed the airing order and the dialogue was changed in the dub so that it completely ignores the event.

I wonder if we will see Wobbuffet and the rest of Jessie and James's Pokémon at Rocket HQ again. Especially considering how B2/W2 will have non-Unova Pokémon in it and how Koffing will be in a future episode.
that's a real shame, it's the kind of episode I'd enjoy.

I hope so. I would say that they can't just leave Wobbuffet and co but pokemon have a habbit of never being seen again no matter what their trainer says *coughpidgotprimeapechimechocough*. I even want to see Victreebel again but I know it will never happen.
Even if Koffing shows up, I'm starting to think the most we'll get is a refrence to James' Weezing (Which also must be found again with Arbok).
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