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Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post

Did you pay attention to that scene at all? Sure, there was on the door for both of them, but it would in no way have supported both their bodies due to their weight. When Rose was on there by herself, you could see the door was barely holding her, but when Jack tried to get on it couldn't handle both of them and Rose briefly slipped. So Jack, resigned to his fate, decided to do the honourable thing and let her live. Besides, one of them was going to die anyway. it's a movie. Jack's death highlighted just how tragic the sinking was, the audience engaged on a personal level. So was Rose really that heartless after all?
Yes there was. And so anyways, my point about boringness still stands. Sorry, I can't stand to see people letting the physics burn.

I don't really see the appeal of movies in general though. Anybody help me?
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