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Hey guys, for those who don't know me I am TheGr8, I used to be really active in TC and RNGing mons. I have just mae a return since RL got in the way before and I am a very active VGC player. I wanted to join this club because I do RNG and what a better way than to do the event! Let's go this is my trusty tailsman:

Growlithe | Level: 1 UT
OT: Tom
Adamant | Flash Fire | 31/31/31/5/31/31
Flare Blitz | Wild Charge | Close Combat | Roar

The reason why he is my trustytailsman: Growlithe was one of the first fire types I ever got in RBY. He was an instant favorite of mine, as others like the starters a lot better. Throughout my years of playing Pokemon, Growlithe/Arcanine has always stuck with me in EVERY game. I at least had one playthrough with one on my team. Now we reach Black and White and Growlithe gets a blessing. CLOSE COMBAT. He has saved me so many times in Singles/Doubles when I have used him. Growlithe and Arcanine's grace and loyalty has made it stick by myself not only because I wanted it to, because it wanted to be there. There is definitely no pokemon out there besides it that will always be so graceful and stick by your side no matter the challenge or hard times. It also has grit and determination in battle, even when outmatched, it will fight it's hardest until it feints, and that is all a trainer can ask for. <3

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