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2nd HG Update!
Aracnea leveled up, like, one level evry 10 wild Pokemon
Reached Violet City!
caught a Mareep on the outskirts and nicknamed it Eta
Released Crusher the Totodile
Trained in the Sprout Tower
defeated Falkner with both Aracnea (Lv.12) and Mareep (Lv.13).
Got the Togepi Egg.
Found the First Kimono Girl.
Defeated trainers in my way to Union Cave.
Found Frieda of Friday behind the PokeCenter and got the Poison Barb!
Trained in Union Cave.
Saved the poor Slowpoke from Slowpoke Well.
Aracnea learned Night Shade! :D
Defeated Bugsy's Scyther before it used U-Turn (ya' know, Thunder Wave and then lots O' Thundershock) with Eta (Lv.17) and the rest of those bugs with Aracnea (Lv.17).
Defeated Rival Derp.
Found the pair of Farfetch'd in Ilex Forest.
Togepi hatched from the Egg! (Nicknamed it Eggy, I guess it'll be the Rock Smash slave)
Recieved HM 01: Cut
Caught an Oddish, nicknamed it "Slave!" and taught it Cut.
I guess thats everything.
My team:

Eta Lv.19

Aracnea Lv.19 @ Poison Barb

Eggy Lv.1

Slave! Lv.5 PAR

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