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Originally Posted by kebbles View Post

Yeah hopefully you all like who I choose.

I won't be having a day/night system intill I learn how to edit the palletes of the system so lights turn on at night. And intill I learn how to make certain Pokemon appear at night. But thanks I like the idea and I'll most likely be going with the caves unless one of them in involved in the main event.

Heres an update

New bug catcher sprite.

Skorupi, a common Pokemon in the Latrobe Region.

Route One is almost complete
I'll put up screenies on Tuesdays update.
well from what ive seen o far no matter what the rival's poke is it will still be good btw i love the bug catcher sprite and ty so much skorupi as a common pokes xD! Cant wait!! (this will be first hack i will play in months when you release beta that is
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