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So yeah, I just finished my copy of Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition, and I must
say, for a Spin-Off/Crossover Game, it was awesome!
But, there is one thing, the main narrative is SHORT, and Dungeons do not appear until you have taken over Dragon Nation.
So, I'll start this Fic, which will take place 2 years after the events shown in Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition, and I'll try to include Dungeons, and I mean real dungeons, like Forests and stuff...
But this is only my second attempt at writing something, so please don't be harsh on me, I'm just trying to entertain you.

Table Of Contents
Characters (Descriptions coming soon)

Josefu (new main character)
Yurika (new main character)
Yurika's Father (new supporting character)
Yurika's Mother (new supporting character)
Karianne (new warlord)

Nations & Dungeons(Descriptions coming soon)

Aurora Forest (new!)
Aurora Nation (Hajime Nation)
Swarma Road (new!)
Swarm Nation (new!)
Frost Forest (new!)
Blizzard Nation
Dragon Nation
Dragon Mountain (new!)
Tremolar Nation (new!)


-From Devils To Eevees Serves as a prologue and as an introduction to the 2 main Characters: Josefu and Yurika, takes place 2 years after the events in Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition

-You See It You Take It Focuses on Josefu and how he takes over Aurora Nation (Hajime Nation in Japanesse) in a relatively simple way, takes place 6 years after the events in Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition

-Freeze Yurika runs away from Dragon Nation, and eventually finds a Nation with no Warlord in charge of it, takes place 6 years after the events in Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition, in parallel with the previous chapter

From Devils To Eevees

It's been a while since the black dragon was last seen in the Dragon Nation, civilians all around Ransei say that Nobunaga left from Ransei in the moment he was defeated by that pair of youngsters who led a huge army, and now, both Pokemon and their Warriors coexist in perfect harmony.

Deep in the Aurora Forest, behind the light that was filtering through the dense trees, there he was, alone, scared, without any protection, exposed to being hurt by the untamed Pokemon, his name was Josefu, his mother just died of an unknown dicease, and his father disappeared a couple of days before he was born.

Was he going to die there? He didn't cared, nothing mattered for Josefu anymore, he just wanted to die, and so to be with his mother.
Suddenly, the bushes around stirred, was it an angry Pokemon ready to murder him? Hopefully it'll do its job fast.
As they stopped stirring, instead of a ferocious Pokemon looking for blood, an Eevee came out, with a kind expression on its face, Josefu quickly learned that Eevee was a female.
"Are you here to eat me?" said Josefu.
Eevee smiled, and cuddled up next to Josefu.
"I'll call you Juriettu" said Josefu, while a smile was forming on his face.

Meanwhile, In Dragon Mountain, there she was, risking her life again, Yurika was a little girl who, despite her youth, didn't care about anything that wasn't exiting, so she constantly sneaked from her home to this mountain, where she is friends with lots of Pokemon, but, for some reason, there isn't any Pokemon on the mountain.
"This is boring, for a change" said Yurika in a sarcastic tone.
She started descending from where she was, when suddenly an Onix appeared in front of her from a hole, making her fall into this one, she eventually passed out once inside, as she was claustrophobic, but had no idea about it.
When she woke up, an Eevee was standing in front of her, with a worried face.
"Get away from me!" yelled Yurika, she then started to cry.
Then that Eevee hugged her, and started digging their way out, once outside, Yurika stood up and stared at that Eevee.
"Thanks, you saved me" she said, "You can now leave"
But Eevee didn't, it still seemed worried about Yurika.
"Fine so, be it, but keep this in mind, you'll be called Konsuera" said Yurika, Konsuera stands for Consuela.
Konsuera smiled, and they went back to Dragon Nation where Yurika lived, their parents were rich, so they wouldn't mind about having a Pokemon at their home.

Years passed, Josefu and Juriettu learned to live in the forest with all those Pokemon, while Yurika studied at home and pampered Konsuera constantly.
Little do they do what destiny has planned for them.

That's it, did you liked it?

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