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Name: Hikari10
Your Gym Leader: Elesa
2 Partner Pokemon: (From Gym Leader) Emolga, (Captured) Manectric
Why have you joined to be trained: I want to learn more and understand the strategies of Gym Leaders. I love most of the Gym Leaders but the reason I picked Elesa was cos she has the coolest design of them and Electric is one of my fave types, not to mention I love Emolga.

What do you think of the new Gym Leaders for Black and White 2: Homika and Shizui?
I think they have cool designs, especially Homika. I'm loving all the fanart she's getting right now and we haven't had a Poison Gym Leader since Kanto. As for Shizui, his skin looks weird but I like his hair. I bet B2/W2 will be really awesome.