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It'd be pretty cool if I could get both, but no way am I going to buy both at the same time xD So I'm going to be getting White 2 first. I got White when Black and White came out and was happy with everything it had to offer, and I'm hoping White 2 will deliver. I really thought White Forest was a much sweeter deal than Black City, so I'm hoping the fact that Kyurem is in its White (Reshiram) Forme in White 2 doesn't hint that things might be switched around this time. I'm sorta going on the basis that White 2 is a sequel to White and Black 2 is a sequel to Black, rather than lumping them all together. So White 2 for me :)
Below is a song from my SoundCloud. I'll randomly change it now and again. Have a listen!
This one's called 'Cumulus', from my Clouds EP. Check out the links below for more stuff, if you like this!

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