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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
Probably predictable from me but I'm inclined to disbelieve >< since a) it was such a small minority and b) some of the evidence was just based one what people said on the internet.

Also, I still really don't get this quote;

Everyone has day to day mood swings, deal with things in different ways, etc. To me this has absolutely nothing to do with gender at all - in fact I think the idea that it changes SO often implies that it isn't about gender at all. Personality is never a fully consistent thing, people need to stop trying to put themselves in one little special box when really they're the same as everyone else ><.
I would assume it means that when they see the world through their male persona (?) they might see the same something differently compared to when they are seeing the world through their female persona. Like, when you're in a good mood you see something different than when you're in a foul mood.