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Quote originally posted by ShinySearcher01:
Was there anything you didn't like about Generation I?
Quote originally posted by ShinySearcher01:
What did Gen I have that the other Gens didn't have?
One thing I didn't like about Generation 1 that other Generation games didn't have, is that weak to Ice type attacks Charizard had. I remember playing Pokemon Stadium and getting hit by those Ice type attacks. I was stunned to even noticed that myself.

But there wasn't really anything I had problems with in Generation 1. In fact, I loved that Mew glitch in Pokemon Yellow. How could you resist that cute Pokemon!

What did Generation 1 had that Generation 2-5 didn't have? Well there is that Charizard weakness to Ice types. This is a toughie. I would say the glitch to get those secret/very rare Pokemon of Mew and can't do it to Celebi/Jirachi/Deoxys/Manaphy-Arceus/Victini in the others. That's about all I can actually remember :/
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