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Quote originally posted by Lightning:
(Is OP even around anymore?)
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS whew sorry I've been buried with schoolwork, but I'll be more active in the summer (hopefully).

Anyways yeah everyone's accepted and I added your names in the top post; if I accidentally skipped you then just tell me.

Quote originally posted by KH Fan Bixran:
Omg, i laughed so hard after i watched this:

If u look at the end, even yen sid is going "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!"
Bahaha I love how everyone is like: "Whatttttttttt?"

And yeah post spoilers tags (that's one of the rules--although it's not like anyone really reads rules these days but it's common sense hehe).

I can't wait for August, or whenever KH3D comes out. I've been spoiling myself this whole time (though it's not like I really care, haha). ;___;