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I'd think it'd be the constant onslaught of dialog and jargon on top of the constant reminders of the numerous romance side-stories. I'd imagine that a battle of words, along with the narration of feelings of romance, work much better in novel format than they would animated.

You probably still go to /a/, you know better than I how most people feel about the anime adaptation in relation to their source.

That's the thing though, I wasn't asking for more, I was asking for less. Laughs are what I want from a slapstick comedy series, not much else. That's why I liked Kill Me Baby so much. The scene you just posted is pretty much what I didn't like about Nichijou's presentation. I can understand a dramatic change in animation to complement the scenes, but the degree to which they took it did much more to overshadow than to complement. The problem isn't necessarily that it's too much effort, just that it's misplaced. This is pretty much what I feel KyoAni did to Nichijou. It's still funny, but so many unnecessary additions detract from it.

I think that Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is probably the funniest show this season, but it's the typical otaku-pandering kind of humor, so it might not be your thing.

Most anime that sold extremely well have girls that like another male character in the anime. Irrefutable proof: Bakemonogatari (Nisemonogatari more so since the imoutos both have boyfriends). It's the comedic, non-character centric nature of the source that didn't allow Nichijou to sell really well, so why go to all the trouble of creating so many incentives such as a whopping 9 character song singles, extra bluray shorts, extra bluray scenes if the nature of the source wouldn't have been profitable anyway?