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@rufflestiltskin: You did the statistics array correctly, excepting the fact that you can't go to 17 - so you have 3 extra points to invest after you drop Charisma to 16. The rest of it is perfect, though.

... And now I realize that I'm an idiot and didn't include the description for the statistics - I'll add them now, though you can pretty much infer what they do from their names.

Also it's actually "Varras", though the naming scheme does make one thing of Varrus, huh. Or more precisely Publius Quinctilius Varus, the commander who lost three entire Roman legions in the Teutoberg Forest massacre in 9 AD.

@shinysweety: No reservations, unfortunately, as previously mentioned ; I. Regarding the age issue - whatever makes sense for a mercenary. Weapon users will probably find that their age shouldn't be too young, since physical strength is required, but young magic-users are not out of the question if they are talented.


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