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That's just its presentation. I have a whole other long list of things that I don't like about Nichijou, but at the very least, I don't hate it.

I subscribe to the theory that good anime that can appeal to their audience well enough sells. Like, entertaining enough to want to make you give them your money so that you can have sort of a souvenir of the experience.

Nyaruko male mc is more of a killjoy than a cloyster. If anything, the main problem this show is looking at is keeping a constant pace, since they pretty much already resolved the main conflict in episode 2 (PROBABLY NOT REALLY SPOILERS) and both episodes were excellent. Things will probably go downhill from here, unfortunately.

My thoughts on that series is that getting off the high of the cash cows that were K-ON! and Shoumuksu when Nichijou flopped immensely, KyoAni decided to go back to pandering to their main audience, K-ON!, Haruhi, and Lucky Star's watchers. And if what I heard about Hyouka is true and that it's 11 volumes priced ¥1000 higher than the norm, then 中二病 is definitely a fallback. Still going to watch it and enjoy it anyway.

Maybe I just like crappy anime, OK? ;;