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Happy Birthday TwilightBlade! I RNGed you a Spheal for your birthday because of how you listed it as one of your favourites and how it matches the Dive Ball I caught it in and he's spherical so he's like a giant Dive Ball. I even had to learn how to Wild Encounter RNG to catch it in a Dive Ball because I heard you like them, so this guy is my first. I suppose you could have lots of fun with this little guy, if you have a bowling party, you could use Spheal to win! You could also use him to keep all your drinks cool at your party or use him like a basketball (thinks of the Sealeo hitting the Spheal into the basket in Pokémon Pinball R/S). Also Spheal is the Clap Pokémon, so he'll always want to give you a round of applause, because you deserve it. :3

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