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After finishing up in his dorm room, Oscar had quickly changed his clothes into spare ones, and was now on his way to the battlefield along with Flora. They were walking at a relatively slow pace, since he wanted a bit more time to prepare himself for the battle. He was still debating about which Pokémon to use. Meden was the strongest Pokémon he had, but both Arya and Flora could use some more battle experience.

As he was pondering on this, a sudden cry from Flora directed his attention forward. He could see the battlefield from here, and also Mark and Daniel. Breaking into a run, he waved excitedly and ran over to the two trainers and their Pokémon.

''Hi guys! Seems like I'm a bit late...sorry about that.'' He said with a sheepish grin while nervously scratching the back of his head. Taking a few moments to observe the battlefield to get a good idea of the field, he looked back at Daniel and Mark, with a somewhat confident smile, though by the sound of his voice, he was still quite nervous.

''So...let's start the battle, shall we?'' He slowly started to walk over to his side of the field. Not that he didn't want to talk with the two but he was quite excited for the battle and wanted it to start, even if he was nervous. He took out two Pokéballs which contained his two other Pokémon, holding one of them in his right hand, and the other one in his left. It was almost as he was weighting the two different Pokémon. After a few seconds, he looked at Daniel. ''Ready when you are, Daniel!''

''Hi everyone! What's up?'' Meanwhile, Flora walked over to the group of Pokémon, shaking her head excitedly with a cheerful smile. He was expecting Oscar to battle with Meden, so she was not nervous at all. She usually was insecure in battle and was a bit scared of battling herself. She gave a glance to all the different Pokémon and noticed how Len was acting a bit different with Alexis. Ohhh...she made a mental note to talk to Alexis later. When Oscar went over to his side of the battlefield, she was quick to follow him. ''Sorry guys, it's time for Oscar's battle! I'll talk with you later!''
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