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Hiya everyone!
This is going to be my first "649" project out of different projects, so I hope you'll like it!

(Credits to Nalty for the Logo)

This is a hack of Pokémon White, but it is modded into a new, upgraded awesome version! Nearly like a new adventure! It contains 649 Pokémon, so that means you can even catch unreleased Pokémon or event-only Pokémon quite early in the game. You may find a special Pokémon in a few specific routes, but they will have a very little chance of appearing. There are going to be some pallete and sprite changes, but they are on a few Pokémon, so look out for those, guys! I hope you enjoy this minihack!

New Evolutions...
I haven't listed them all yet but when I have time I'll check to see any new evolutions. Atm i've only edited Kanto and the evolutions can be around 40 - 50.


Beta 1.0
Up to Castelia City, Pokémon and Trainers Edited.

Beta 2.0
Up to Drivtveil/Chargestone Cave? Will be released after Beta 0.1.

Other Information
If you want starters early, well I think if you find shaking grass on Route 1 there is a 10% chance of it being a Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. Starters will be on the routes that match them the most. For instance, Treecko might be in Pinwheel Forest. Please post or PM me if you have any questions. I'll most likely reply to them. A few trainers in places like Pinwheel Forest and Chargestone Cave might have legendary Pokémon. Some of these might play a mini story in the game, some of you will recognze it :).

Neltazero - Tools, thanks for that.
Twistedfatal - Again, some amazing tools!
ProjectPokémon - For teaching me how to pallete and sprite edit in B/W.
And Kazowar for his awesome pack of 4 tools. :)
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