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Oh my gosh, I have so many stories you wont believe. I used to work at a Sears store. I worked there about 2 1/2 years. Im surprised I havent torn all my hair out as a result of the stress of that job.My job was basically to straighten clothing and other duties like stock work assisting customers, price changes, printing signs and things like that. It was pretty bad. Customers gave me a really hard time and made fun of the way I looked. They would often not even have a question about a product. Many were very diffcult to please( or next to impossible) and get away with stupid stuff because " the customer is always right" I was also usually the only person scheduled to tidy up meaning I had to manage both floors and it was stressful to try to get it straight on time. I could barely handle it.

Retail is the worst job you can get. If I could of helped it, I wouldnt have taken that job. Unfortunately Im likely to experience the same situation over again, though Im hoping for a job in a smaller place where its easier and more manegable and laid back.