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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
At Pokemon Yellow, it used to be the Rock Tunnel. You know, the tunnel that connects to Route 10 to Lavender Town. Because my Pikachu used to be like...really high leveled while my other pokemon were sitting in the 10s? And there were hikers EVERYWHERE and each of them had at least eaither a geodude or an onix. And those geodude ALWYAS used Selfdestruct; which always OHKO'd my I had to come back and forth out of the Rock Tunnel, healing my pokemon. Also, I didn't like how it was dark and you needed flash; that part was also annoying. :l
I never received Flash, so imagine my torment of making it through Rock Tunnel in the dark. :v

So, to answer the original question:
- Mt. Moon was horrible because the constant Zubats.
- Rock Tunnel was horrible because I never got Flash.
- Fuschia City gym was horrible because there's a very steep level curve between his gym and the rest of the world. None of my Pokemon had even hit 40 yet and he had a level 50 Venomoth. D: