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Which Gym Leader(s) do you think is the most annoying or the toughest? Can you provide a top 3 list?

1. Elesa
I cannot... SIMPLY CANNOT beat her. She was the hardest gym leader I have ever faced. All of my Pokemon were not just underleveled, but there was a huge type disadvantage. I had only a water-type, a grass-type, and a flying-type at the time. It wasn't enough to beat Elesa's two Emolgas and her tough Zebstrika. I managed to beat her with a Sandile. Took me a few tries tbh.

2. Whitney (in GSC)
During my playthrough in Silver, I found Whitney to be harder than any of the gym leaders in this region. Her Miltank and her Rollout. It was hard to evade. My pokemon were about 2-3 levels above her L20 Miltank, but it was still impossible to beat.

3. Roxanne
This is...sorta where my interest in RSE kinda waned down. My first gym leader to face in Ruby was the hardest. I chose Torchic as my starter and facing her L15 Nosepass was just impossible to beat. Took me a while to catch a Zigzagoon, evolve into a Linoone, and a Wingull to beat it. My Wingull was recently captured, and it was difficult to manage after a while.

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