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Finished Johto!

The league was easy, not much to tell you about. Kanto was easypeasy.
Had to do some grinding before the league and also before Red.
Eventually against Red:
- Pikachu was OHKO by Sandslash' Earthquake
- Venusaur was defeated by Typhlosions Flamethrower
- Espeon was defeated by Girafarigs Crunch
- Blastoise was defeated by Ampharos' Thunder
- For Snorlax I needed about every member of my team... Finally defeated it with Typhlosions Flamethrower
- Charizard was defeated by Ampharos' Thunder

The team:

Shika the Sandslash lvl. 60
- Slash
- Cut
- Dig
- Earthquake

Tai the Typhlosions lvl. 60
- Strength
- Swift
- Flame wheel
- Flamethrower

Graf the Girafarig lvl. 60
- Crunch
- Shadow ball
- Psybeam
- Stomp

Bits the Beedrill lvl. 53
- Fury attack
- Pursuit
- Twineedle
- Pin missile

Puffa the ampharos lvl. 60
- Fire punch
- Rock smahs
- Thunderpunch
- Thunder

Starting Sapphire soon!