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:L Mmm, well, I guess this is Chapter II, enjoy
Please review it, and tell me what I need to improve :L


You See It, You Take It

Josefu was only 8 when he first met Juriettu, he was this short, chubby boy with clear brown hair and faint white skin, by now he's 14, tall and thin, with deep black hair instead of clear brown, and with a not so pale white skin, his face is filled with scars, as he was constantly attacked by wild Pokemon until he learned to hunt, needless to say, it was easier to survive ever since.

"Juriettu" whispered Joseffu, "Why don't we just go out for a change?"
Juriettu hesitated for a while, and then smiled.
"Let's go then"

That was the first time in 6 years Josefu ever left the Aurora Forest, outside, there it was, the Hajime Nation, once gorgeos, pure white and sparkly, but now dusty, gray and forgotten. When Josefu was a kid, he always dreamt of becoming a Warlord, he remembered this when he saw the Nation.
"Let's take this Nation!" said Joseffu, in a cheerful tone.
Juriettu stared at Josefu's face for a while, and then smiled.
The idea was simple, if Josefu took over Hajime Nation, then he would become a Warlord, so he jumped the paved sidewalk and forced opened the doors to the Nation, in just a couple of hours, Hajime Nation was back to its former glory.

And then she appeared, Oichi, the third strongest Warlord in the entire Ransei Region, she was mad and somehow also scared at Josefu.
"What are you doing?!" she yelled, with a scaredy tone, "I knew it, I knew that if he left Hajime Nation, this will happen", she remained in silence for a second, and then kept talking, "It doesn't matter, for I will take it back, Go! Wigglytuff!"

In just a second, Wigglytuff was Doubleslaping Juriettu, but before Josefu could react, an Ice Beam hit Wigglytuff, making her faint.
Then a man with purple coating appeared.
"It is so very nice to see you again, sister" he said, "You still look the same"
"What are you doing here?!" she yelled, not scared, but angry, "I thought you weren't in Ransei anymore!"
"I just came to say hi" he replied.
"Hi, now get out" she said.
"You get out, Aurora Nation isn't yours anymore, and you failed to get it back"
"Fine, so be it, brother! But I'll surely get Hajime Nation back once you leave!", Oichi then left.
"She'll probably tell the other Warlords about this" said Nobunaga, "You've got some good trouble"
"Who are you?" said Josefu.
"Nobunaga's the name and Dragons are my game" he replied, "I was once the all mighty ruler in Ransei, but that's not important, the important stuff right now is, why did you took over this Nation?"
"I..." said Josefu, "I guess I wanted to be a Warlord"
"Well, you surely are a Warlord" he replied, "But not the toughest I've got to say, you should train around and take over other Nations before they take yours, those people will do anything to get their Nations back...
As for your next move, I would suggest Swarm Nation"

Nobunaga was right, Josefu is now a Warlord, but not the strongest one, that's for sure. Nobunaga then left without even saying goodbye.
"Swarm Nation" said Josefu, "Let's get going".


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