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Perhaps maybe not use Giratina as your main Pokemon then if it's just for contests and CBC isn't really for contest help so if all you want is that then this might not be the place - I'll assume you're fine with other changes though. :( Moving onto the others!

Mismag doesn't really need sleep talk since it has nothing to actually put it to sleep on there (aka like rest and stuff). Try thunderbolt > shock wave to hit harder and possibly throw a Nasty Plot or Calm Mind in over Sleep Talk, and as for Psychic, it won't really do that much but if you wanna keep it you can, but keep in mind that Shadow Ball can hit fighting types anyway, so Psychic isn't as necessary.

As for Exeggutor, again, Sleep Talk doesn't help it really. Go for Sleep Powder instead so you can give your other Pokemon free turns to set up.

On Duggy, over Shadow Claw go for Stone Edge so you can hit flying typesss.

As for Spinda you can't really do much with what you've got, best off using that just for the contests tbh. Be aware that fire/dark types can pose a threat to your team though. :x
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