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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Okay so we now know Homika has a Koffing due to newly released pictures! I'm pretty happy with that, I think Koffing suits her very well. But what about her second Pokemon? Having an unevolved Pokemon like Koffing somewhat implies that she won't be strong enough to have a Scolipede (she only has two Pokemon in the battle image and Burgh has 3, implying Homika will be before him and his Whirlipede), so hopefully she'll still have something cool. Her guitar just could be from her passion of that Poison family? Maybe she'll have two Generation 1 Pokemon ;o So basically:

What do you think Homika's second Pokemon will be?

yes Koffing! I have a feeling that she will be the first Gym leader but if she isn't then Gym leaders like having two of the same family so Weezing? If not well it could be any poison type although I think we can discount pokemon like Beedrill and Gastly. I still think Trubbish is quite likely
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