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Originally Posted by rufflestiltskin View Post
Um, hi. My name's Ruff and I'm mainly interested in helping to sprite? ^-^ But I also like writing and can help with ideas for routes, gyms, puzzles and the like (which looks like it's what you guys are working on atm).

Name: Ruff, or rufflestiltskin
Skill(s): Spriting, Trainer spriting, Overworld spriting, Pokemon creator, Text editor I guess...? (for writing)
Main role: Spriting
Past experience: I've never worked on a hack before, but I've been dreaming up pokemon for a really long time. I only recently got into spriting, but I'm very dedicated and hoping to use this project to improve.
Contact Information: I'd prefer just a PM on here...?
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (-5)
Here's a couple examples of my work. ^-^ I hope it's okay.

Hello there! Cosmotone or Outkin should add you to the list later. Your sprites are great! Remember that the limit is 16 colors and 64x64 canvas for Pokemon!

Originally Posted by Иιио View Post

Also, I had no idea.
Here I bring to the leader, tell me if they want any changes, so know how to make the minis.
Is the leader type bug.

PD: Sorry for the delay, I spent three days in bed with pneumonia xDUU
Is that image saved as a .JPG? *rages*
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