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Which Grass Pokemon do you think has the most interesting typing?

Simple is as simple does. I personally think there are to many Grass and Poison types. But then again, how many people are actually allergic to Grass/Plants and whatnot in real life? Could be explainable. But the most interesting typing? Okay let's talk about a little interesting sort of thing:

Normal types is usually its own mono-type or usually with a flying type. Not to mention we have Girafarig which is Normal and Psychic. Now, a 4-legged Pokemon as a Normal type has a unique combination of typing. Back on topic, who else is also a 4 legged Pokemon as a Normal type who has a unique typing? Take a guess before checking the spoiler:

That's right, Deerling and Sawsbuck, a Normal/Grass type.

Hope that little trivia was interesting. lol

You don't often find a unique typing which can be an annoying for opponents. Ludicolo is no exception. Water and Grass type can deal a great pain to anyone's Pokemon.

Breloom is definitely unique. Really, what kind of Grass can actually fight? lol Anyway, Grass and Fighting type is definitely an interesting combination. And I don't want to leave out Virizion who's got not only an interesting typing, but an interesting design.

Though the 4x weakness to Flying isn't quite a fan favorite for these two.

Like some mentioned before, Ferrothorn is an interesting one.
Although I don't find him to be any different than Forretress in terms of a strategic battle. Both are 4x weak to Fire as well. Grass and Steel combination are a strange one, but Ferrothorn has proven from time to time to be one of those dangerous Pokemon out there, let alone a very annoying one.

Well there are Grass that grows out of rock or is connected to it in some ways. I've seen them in real life. But to be a fossil Pokemon makes in interesting. Grass/Rock combination, in my opinion, is definitely a rare and interesting one as well.