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So, something I've seen in the anime is something called a Battle Club. These clubs are each located in a major town or city in the anime and each host various tasks and challenges for both the trainer and the Pokemon to test and enhance their skills, somewhat like a Battle Tent in Pokemon Emerald.

Inside, trainers can access information about other trainers via Xtransceiver, being able to view the trainer's record as well as their Pokemon's skills. The Xtransceiver can also be used as a way to ask trainers for battles.

Do you think that this may be a hint at the Battle Club being an actual, available facility in the new Black 2 and White 2 games? If so, what kind of features would you like to be seen here? Would you want them to be like the Battle Tents in Emerald, or something completely different with different types of battling? Would there be prizes after each task is completed? Discuss as to what opinion you have on the possibility of Battle Clubs being in Black2 and White2.

Personally, I hope they do show up. Though many would think they would have been announced already, try to remember we still know so little about the games. They could be keeping them a secret until the very last moment, similar to how they did with the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Emerald. I also hope that this will be a way to further the Xtransceiver's usage in the new games.

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