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Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
I agree. Your "rival" acting like he's your best friend in the world and doesn't want to hurt your Pokemon because you're so close feels more like a boyfriend/girlfriend rather than a rival. If he's my rival I want him to want to destroy my hopes and dreams, and then I want to watch myself crush his plans into tiny little pieces. That's the type of rival I want. So I'm really pulling for the rival in Black 2 and White 2 to be cocky and arrogant as all get out, while still liking you as a person, but still wanting to crush you.
I see the childhood friendship and the bond between the rival and protagonist as a key to competition to better the both of the characters. It's like a competition with your friend to try and get the highest grade on a test -- you're both going to put effort into it and in the end you will both succeed, however one might get the best victory out of it. In this case, it doesn't necessarily mean that he won't hurt your Pokémon because of it, and GameFreak wouldn't even do that for a rival. O_o

I like the friendship rivalry because it shows a compassion and competitive side.

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