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I'm planning to use pokémon I've trained in the past, but never actually used.

Samurott - I prefer the Oshawott line over the Tepig line.
Krookodile - I never got to use one in White, so might as well use one for b/w 2.
Skarmory - I've never actually used pokémon that don't evolve. So this will be interesting.
Haxorus - Same deal with Krookodile, I never got to use it in White.
Chandelure - Same reason why I'm using Haxorus and Krookodile.
Blaziken - I'll probably end up replacing 'ken (since I already have Chandelure for fire), but I'm keeping him on the team for now as my fighting type.

Of course, I'll be breeding Skarmory, Chandelure, Haxorus, and Blaziken at the very least. I can easily nab a Sandile on the way to Castelia.
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