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It's been a while since my
last update, and I've been slowly progressing in HG, blame school for that.
anyways, next update for HG:
Found the Second Kimono Girl.
Exited Ilex Forest.
Caught a Lv.10 Drowzee and nicknamed it Omicron.
Trained Omicron until it became Lv.16
Battled my way to Goldenrod City.
Trained my Pokemon In the Underground.
Got the Radio Card.
Defeated Whitney with Omicron... and lots of Super Potions XD
Finally got the Plain Badge! Now my Pokemon will be able to evolve!
Got the Squirtbottle.
Battled my way to the National Park (Eta evolved into Flaffy while doing so).
Defeated the Trainers in the National Park and the ones that are located on the same Route as Sudowoodo (Aracnea evolved into Ariados while doing so).
Killed Sudowoodo.
Got the Berry Pots.
Delivered the Spearow with mail to the guy who gives you the Rest TM.
Right now, while I still have free time, I think I'll enter one of thos Pokeathlon courses.

My team:

Aracnea Lv.23

Eta Lv.22

Omicron Lv.23 @ Poison Barb

HM Slaves ATM:
Slave! The Oddish (Cut)
Eggy the Togepi (Rock Smash)

Now, I'll watch that update MagnumKnight13 was talking about

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