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Quote originally posted by miksy91:
Was all this introduced in the older releases as well ? When I played through the hack, I don't remember seeing Flannery but perhaps I never went to the restaurant (but wouldn't be surprised if I didn't either).

Sounds like an intersting side-quest though so I'll check it out when I've time for it.
It's been in since the last major update. The only new thing that the latest bug-fix patch added was a final trainer to replace Red since he was made the Champion, and the previous bug-fix patch added a trainer to the secret base on the Route leading to Lake of Rage and a few other things, but the side quest was already in.
Although admittedly Flannery does show up several places (The restaurant, the GTS in South Isle, and the Developer's Mansion in Celadon) so it might be easy to overlook her.

Another spoiler about the sidequest
The Legend Festival is clearly inspired by "Pokémon The Movie 2000", aka "The Power of One", even though it takes place in Johto instead of the Orange Islands. There is also no character based on Lawrence III, its been simplified a bit.

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