Thread: [B2/W2] Evil team change?
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Quote originally posted by Zayphora:
I hope they don't continue with the medieval theme. It was a nice fresh touch, but its not my favorite. But maybe I am depreciating it. It will most likely be used. I wouldnt mind a team called the Vikings, as long as they made it unique. Doesn't really fit the police-looking thing though. I still think Nova would be a great idea. That could be a good name for a reformed Plasma, too. Nova means new, as in new motive, new freaky-haired leader....Yeah.
I like Nova. :3 Might actually be possible too, since supernova and that... Kyurem comes from space!

Quote originally posted by SnowpointQuincy:
Team Rocket could come back and start a Pokemon War. Though, from the screen shots we have seen, it is probably not Team Rocket.
Ya, not imo really, team rocket doesn't really invest in ginger-haired people. :x Purple and red? Sure, but seems to be Unova-exclusive according to the games lool.

Quote originally posted by Killjoy:
If they do replace Plasma, I hope the new team dresses a little less ridiculously.
But from what we've seen, they do. ;__;
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