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Originally Posted by Ultimo1991 View Post
awsome update i have two things to say for this 1 i like this torn world better and 2 im hoping that sprite will work for the title screen i was getting a weird error with the N sprite i was using for some reason...
Oh good, check out the first post, you can check out the torn world more and let me know what you think?
And thats not good, lets hope it works, what N sprite are you using?

Originally Posted by mitchel1 View Post
Hi, there, kebbles! How are ya'?
Good Thanks
First of all, I have to say that this hack is graphical wise stunning looking.
But, on the other hand, there's always some criticism.
If I may give my opinion about this screenshot,

The building colors doesn't fit the other pallet colors. They are way to bright, try to give it an darker skin. This also counts on the outline from this building.

Also I and guess also the others would be pleased if you show some of your scripting skills. These can variate due a simple applymovement 'till variable, bytes and ASM.

Good luck during this project!

Kind regards,


Ultra rare post again! xD
Firstly, thank you mitchel, i really appreciate your feedback and compliment.
Your right about that dome, I kinda thought that myself but I wasn't to sure, your the first person to give me actual useful feedback (Sorry guys, but its true :D)
Im in the process of inserting a new building, which I think everyone will be pleased with, as I havn't seen any other hack with a special building like the one I've choosen.
And im in the process of making a youtube account so I can start uploading videos.
And mitchel, I'm quite a good scripter, thethethethe taught me how to script 4 years ago when I was just a little noob and when I got out of hacking alot of the memory I had on scipting vanished, but its coming back to me which is good. ASM.. lol Its very new to me, last time I was hacking ASM was never even talked about, but I'm in the process of learning, so far I've managed to make the sprite on the Trainer Card change to another sprite lol not much, but im getting there..
Once again thank you for your time mitchel and good luck in the future with LoG.
I'm hoping we might keep in contact, take care.
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