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Best Generation 1 Starter
This is a really hard choice, as all the starters have their goods and their bads, which can also be applied to most later generations.

Like, Bulbasaur is obviously the best to use if all you want is a playthrough, since it gives a good start, beating the first few gyms with a minimum of training, giving you a better chance of preparing for the following gyms, and as a dual type with Poison, its moves aren't too shabby.

But easy =/= best obviously, and to be honest, I prefer having a Charizard on my team over having a Bulbasaur. Charizard is just such an awesome Pokémon in itself. Its design is awesome, its movepool is awesome, everything is just awesome about it, and even though people lost interest for it long ago, due to all the newer and stronger Pokémon that has been introduced throughout the generations, it's still remembered by many to be, or have been, a strong Pokémon.

So my final answer would be Charmander.