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Quote originally posted by pokemaster5487:
well thanks then but i hav to give you something

Yes, I know, you have to give me some thing that I can throw away!!

Quote originally posted by AvoKitty:
Concert chatot lv25 Jolly ID 10268
Yamamoto Whiscash lv51 Gentle ID 03217
Syokoton Tropius lv53 Jolly ID 02027
Mitsurin Celebi lv10 Serious ID 60720
Susumu Mew lv5 Timid ID 11219
PCNYb Kingdra lv35 Mild ID 00283
PCNYb Duskull lv50 Mild ID 00180
PCNYc Gloom lv50 Bold ID 00148
PCNYc Flygon lv45 Lax ID 00161
Koroshiama Pikachu lv10 Quiet ID 31121
DUKING Larvitar lv20 Jolly ID 37149
HORDEL Elekid lv20 Quirky ID 41400

Please check out my shop for offer, :3

Sorry, I don't look for threads, you have a link??

My Trading Thread ---> HERE
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